Excellence in Innovation

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Focus of Category

This category recognises businesses that have created new value in their business through innovation.  An innovation is a significant leap forward for the business rather than an incremental improvement.

This Award is sponsored by TAFE NSW.

There are many pathways to innovation.  Two of the more significant options used have been selected for inclusion in this award to provide flexibility for local manufacturers to be recognised for their successful efforts in this important aspect of modern manufacturing.

The first pathway is the establishment of a structured, ongoing and consistent approach to generating a stream of innovations in the business over time.  This pathway is characterised by a long-term vision and disciplined development of a culture and supporting systems that drive and support continuing new value creation.

The second pathway recognises that a business can face a challenge, such as many did during the COVID 19 pandemic, that require a swift and decisive change in direction to ensure the ongoing viability of the business.

Part A is to be completed by those businesses that have worked to build an integrated innovation system in their business.  The first section asks for evidence about your system and the second section provides an opportunity of describing a specific innovation produced by your system.

Part B is to be completed those businesses that have completed a major pivot in their business.  Tell us about how you responded to a major challenge with a bold, courageous and effective change in direction that has ensured your ongoing viability.

Only complete one section, either Part A or Part B, depending on which best fits your innovation.

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