Hunter Manufacturing Awards Inc (HMA) is motivated by a mission to promote best practices in manufacturing. HMA believes this can be achieved by showcasing the achievements of the best to encourage and sustain the aspirations of those who want to be among them.

HMA works collaboratively with key regional organisations to highlight the achievements of the Region’s manufacturers and the importance of manufacturing in general. HMA acknowledges the significance of the Region’s proud manufacturing history, and is committed to ensuring manufacturing plays an integral role in inventing the region’s future.

HMA’s Motivations

There are several thousand small, medium and large manufactures in the Region that contribute to the economic sustainability of the region.

HMA recognises these manufacturers:

  • Grow the economy
  • Invent the future
  • Represent the Region’s proud working class history
  • Compete internationally
  • Provide rewarding skilled employment and skill development
  • Represent opportunity to our youth

Governance and Involvement

HMA is a non profit organisation with the objective of promoting manufacturing excellence.  HMA is not aligned with any regional organisation, but shares the belief of many that manufacturing is critical to the future of the Region of the Hunter, Central Coast and Mid North Coast. Through the sponsorship of like-minded businesses and regional bodies, HMA actively promotes manufacturing excellence through and awards night, held annually. It is envisaged, that as HMA grows, the awards night will be a catalyst for continued promotional activities that will see the organisation’s vision of a diverse and capable manufacturing base in the Region realised.

HMA encourages support for manufacturing through active participation in the following ways:

  • Sponsorship of the awards night – The board secures varied levels of sponsorship for the awards night each financial year
  • HMA supporters – This initiative began in 2005 as the HMA Honour Role and is an opportunity for manufacturers, their suppliers and organisations that support manufacturing to provide a tangible financial commitment to further HMA’s objectives.