Registrations for 2019 open 8th May

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2019 registrations are OPEN from 8th May and will close on 19th July

If you would like to attend the awards, please visit this page and download the booking form.

  • Note:

    This is a Registration Form Only. Details provided on this form will be used by HMA to gauge an estimate of the number of applications expected for a particular category. By ticking the check box/es below, you have indicated that you will be submitting application form/s into that particular category/s. The information will also be used to distribute application forms IF requested and indicated below and/or to arrange assistance in completing the application for those who have requested it in Section 2 below.
  • Section 1

  • Notes:

    • HMA Board Award
      Completion of an Application Form is not required for this category. The judging of this category will be done by way of automatic review by judges. If an application is deemed to meet the criteria for the HMA Board Award whilst a judge is assessing a submission from one of the other above categories marked ∗, then that application will be eligible for review for the HMA Board Award.
    • Manufacturer of the Year
      By applying for any category with a ∗ your nomination will include the manufacturer of the year submission.
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