Outstanding Start-up Award

You’re thinking about entering the Outstanding Start-up Award Category? Excellent!

Nominations are open for consideration of the Outstanding Start-up Award at the annual Hunter Manufacturing Awards.

This Award is sponsored by Molycop.

The winner of the Startup category will be entitled to one year’s membership of HunterNet, the value of which depends on the size of the startup at time of winning (membership fees are tiered according to member staff numbers).

Registration takes 5 minutes. Applications are open until 13th August 2021. If you have been unable to meet the deadline, please contact HMA to make an alternate arrangement.

Note – Applicants may find that their application into the Outstanding Start-Up Award category may also be a ‘fit’ for another category, such as:

Please read the following definition before completing your application form to ensure you are submitting in the correct category.

Definitions & Guidelines

To assist you with this application the judges have provided some guidelines.

When providing your answers, the “For Example” / guidelines we have suggested for each question are not intended to be exhaustive. They are designed as examples and prompts to help you understand the judges’ requirements. It is important that where you state that you have evidence in support of the specific question you are answering, you need to provide that evidence – usually, a generic brochure or company overview is not sufficient.

HMA is interested in seeing initiatives that have been identified, driven, and resolved within our region (Hunter, Central Coast, Mid North Coast).

Focus of the Category

This category recognises a successful new startup in the manufacturing sector. This business is established and producing and selling its initial product/s to its target market/s. This is a standalone business, not a subsidiary of a larger enterprise.

This category is not for businesses that are still in the development phase, without ongoing production and sales established, but have been trading for less than two years.

Note – Applicants may find that their application into the Outstanding Start-Up category may also be a ‘fit’ for another category, such as Manufacturer of the Year etc.

By adapting the information to fit the criteria of other categories you give yourself the opportunity for your product, process, etc. to be profiled in more than one sector.

Download the full application pack and category questions

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Example Information Required

Each of the listed criteria must be addressed and where possible, evidence provided

Photographs, drawings, etc. may be included as an attachment to the online application form – please label clearly.

Please address the following criteria and restrict the content of each criteria response to 200 words or less. For example; Question 1 can only have a maximum of 200 words.

Maximum File Size

The entry form allows a maximum file size of 20MB to be uploaded. In the event you need further assistance, clarification or want to submit appendix documentation larger than 20MB, please contact Carol McEwan on 0438 242 899.

Download the full application pack and category questions

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Judging Criteria & Values

Below is a breakdown of each question, the criteria judges will be looking for and the value of each question.

Question Judging Criteria Value
  1. Business Overview

Describe your new business. What problem does your product solve and why is the problem worth solving?

10 / 80

  1. Your Solution

Describe your solution to the problem being addressed by your start-up. What is the customer value proposition and why is it different to your competitors?

10 / 80

  1. Business Model

What is your business model? How do you charge for your product? For your customers, how do you create and capture value?

10 / 80

  1. Sales and Traction

Provide details of your sales performance to date. What other traction has your product or business achieved (examples could include Grants, Investment Received, Distribution/Reseller agreements/licensing).

10 / 80

  1. Client Connections

Describe the nature of your relationship with your key clients and how you established those relationships. What do you do to sustain those relationships? How do you gather feedback from your clients and what do you do with that information?

10 / 80

  1. The Creation Story

Why / How did you come up with the product? Describe your passion for solving the problem and your team’s commitment to the company / problem.

10 / 80

  1. Scalability

Describe the extent to which your new business is scalable.  How will you grow on the world stage? Why is your company important?

10 / 80

  1. Business Culture

Describe your business culture. How have you gone about ensuring that each person who joins your business will be a good fit and make a strong contribution to your growth? What is your approach to recognising the work of your employees and rewarding them? What strategies do you have in place to retain your best people?

10 / 80

Download the full application pack and category questions

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Please Register first before completing your application form. Registration takes 5 minutes and close 13th August 2021.

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