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Special information relating to the HMA Board Award

The HMA Board Award is a discretionary award

The criteria for the HMA Board Award are based on the collective data from all other submissions a company has entered in, excluding the manufacturer of the year which is a separate nomination section.


  • Companies need to have been operating for more than 18 months
  • Companies need to show that they are heading in a direction that is both positive and visionary
  • If the judge is satisfied that a submission in any of the general categories (safety, people skills and development, environmental, product design, innovation, manufacturing process, technology, marketing, export), possesses the relevant evidence to address the necessary criteria for the HMA Board Award, the submission will be further considered for the HMA Board Award
  • The winner of the HMA Board Award is eligible to win an award in another category, but, cannot win both the HMA Board Award and the manufacturer of the year award.
  • The winner of the HMA Board Award does not need to have won an award in another category to be eligible to be assessed for the HMA Board Award
  • The winner of the HMA Board Award will be awarded the prize of a trip for one person to an international event or trade expo that will assist the company to expand and grow and also, benefit the recipients with an opportunity to showcase themselves in the global marketplace.

There is no nomination form to be completed for this category

Terms and Conditions regarding the 2020 HMA Board Award

The winner of this Award will be rewarded with an overseas trip for ONE PERSON to a Trade Expo or event, pertinent to the winner’s/ company’s line of business. The trip is to take place between October 2020 and October 2021 and will be arranged through the HMA’s “In Kind” Travel Sponsors, Helloworld Business Travel – Newcastle. The prize covers the cost of 1 economy class return airfare inclusive of taxes and insurance with Qantas Airways (Sydney-Destination-Sydney), plus $2,000 towards accommodation and incidental costs. As a follow up to the trip, a report is to be submitted (within one month of returning from the trip) to the HMA Board of Directors. The report should demonstrate the benefits and impact of the trip on the person and/or company. The information will be used by HMA to profile and promote future Awards and will be posted on the HMA website to highlight the successful outcomes achieved by winning such a prize. The Winner may also be requested to speak at one of the HMA’s future events to share the experience of such a trip with other manufacturers. Nominations are open to any manufacturing company that has made an application for an award in at least one or a number of the 2018 listed award general categories – SAFETY, PEOPLE SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT, ENVIRONMENTAL, PRODUCT DESIGN, INNOVATION, MANUFACTURING PROCESS, TECHNOLOGY, MARKETING, EXPORT.

HMA Board and Judging Panel

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