Collaboration Partnership Award

You’re thinking about entering the Collaboration Partnership Award Category? Excellent!

Nominations are open for consideration of the Collaboration Partnership Award at the annual Hunter Manufacturing Awards.

This Award is sponsored by BAE Systems.

Registration takes 5 minutes. Applications are open until 13th August 2021. If you have been unable to meet the deadline, please contact HMA to make an alternate arrangement.

Note – Applicants may find that their application into the Collaboration Partnership Award category may also be a ‘fit’ for another category, such as:

Please read the following definition before completing your application form to ensure you are submitting in the correct category.

Definitions & Guidelines

To assist you with this application the judges have provided some guidelines.

When providing your answers, the “For Example” / guidelines we have suggested for each question are not intended to be exhaustive. They are designed as examples and prompts to help you understand the judges’ requirements. It is important that where you state that you have evidence in support of the specific question you are answering, you need to provide that evidence –  usually, a generic brochure or company overview is not sufficient.

HMA is interested in seeing initiatives that have been identified, driven, and resolved within our region (Hunter, Central Coast, Mid North Coast).

Focus of the Category

This category recognises successful collaborations to innovate manufacturing processes and products between two or more businesses. The collaborative initiative will win new manufacturing opportunities. Each party will make significant contributions and share the risks involved in the initiative.

Note – Applicants may find that their application into the Collaboration Partnership Award category may also be a ‘fit’ for another category, such as Manufacturer of the Year, etc.

By adapting the information to fit the criteria of other categories you give yourself the opportunity for your product, process, etc. to be profiled in more than one sector.

Download the full application pack and category questions

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Example Information Required

Each of the listed criteria must be addressed and where possible, evidence provided

Photographs, drawings, etc. may be included as an attachment to the online application form – please label clearly.

Please address the following criteria and restrict the content of each criteria response to 200 words or less. For example; Question 1 can only have a maximum of 200 words.

Maximum File Size

The entry form allows a maximum file size of 20MB to be uploaded. In the event you need further assistance, clarification or want to submit appendix documentation larger than 20MB, please contact Carol McEwan on 0438 242 899.

Download the full application pack and category questions

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Judging Criteria & Values

Below is a breakdown of each question, the criteria judges will be looking for and the value of each question.

Question Judging Criteria Value
  1. Overview of the Collaborative Partnership Arrangement

Describe how the partnership was created. How were the parties brought together and what were the primary drivers – why was collaboration an option? Who was involved in establishing the relationship? What form does the relationship take? Has a new entity been established to carry the collaboration forward?

10 / 80

  1. Product Development
  • Describe product or products developed.
  • Describe the process used to develop the product/s.
  • Describe the contributions of each partner.

10 / 80

  1. Value Creation in Manufacturing

Describe how the production system was designed and its effectiveness monitored and reviewed. Was a process developed for continual improvement? Describe any new manufacturing processes or systems developed during the initiative. Describe any initiatives undertaken to improve the capability of employees to ensure the success of the collaboration.

10 / 80

  1. Working Together

What model was developed for the collaboration? Describe how the risks/investments were shared by the parties.  Were they equal or was there a ‘senior’ and ‘junior’ partner?

10 / 80

  1. Sales Generated

Provide details on sales generated for the product/s, if any.  Were the sales achieved in the domestic market or exports or a combination of both?

10 / 80

  1. Accountabilities and staying together

Describe how the committed contributions from each party were monitored, and accountabilities managed to measure the relationship.

10 / 80

  1. Intellectual Property

Describe the nature of any unique intellectual property created through the partnering arrangement.  Describe how this IP is being shared and protected.

10 / 80

  1. Exit Strategy

Did you develop a mutually beneficial way that provides an option to gracefully end the collaborative relationship?

10 / 80

  1. Collaboration Partners

Identify the partners involved in the collaboration


Download the full application pack and category questions

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