Apprentice of the Year – Manufacturing

You’re thinking about entering the Apprentice of the Year Category? Excellent!

Nominations are open for consideration of the Apprentice of the Year Award at the annual Hunter Manufacturing Awards.

Registration takes 5 minutes. Applications are open from 8 May and close 19 July. If you have been unable to meet the deadline, please contact HMA to make an alternate arrangement.

Please read the following definition before completing your application form to ensure you are submitting in the correct category.

Definitions & Guidelines

To assist you with this application the judges have provided some guidelines.

When providing your answers, the “For Example” / guidelines we have suggested for each question are not intended to be exhaustive. They are designed as examples and prompts to help you understand the judges’ requirements. It is important that where you state that you have evidence in support of the specific question you are answering, you need to provide that evidence – usually, a generic brochure or company overview is NOT sufficient.

Apprentice of the Year

Nominations are open to any final year or recently completed manufacturing male or female apprentice who has demonstrated excellence in all aspects of their trade and training.

The judges will look for examples of excellence in manufacturing that include, but are not limited to:

  • Participation in their formal training
  • Outstanding performance in the workplace
  • Contribution to the advancement of the employers’ business
  • Contribution to community or sport (not essential)
  • Ability to be an ambassador for the manufacturing sector

Note – Applicants may find that their application into the Apprentice Of The Year – Manufacturing category may also be a ‘fit’ for another category, such as Rising Star Award. By adapting the information to fit the criteria of other categories you give yourself the opportunity for your product, process, etc. to be profiled in more than one sector.

Download the full application pack and category questions

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Example Information Required

Each of the listed criteria must be addressed and where possible, evidence provided

Photographs, drawings, etc, may be included as an ATTACHMENT to this application form and should be labelled clearly for the judges. E.g. Question 3 – evidence provided

Please address the following criteria and restrict the content of each criteria response to 200 words or less. For example; Question 1 can only have a maximum of 200 words.

Maximum File Size

The entry form allows a maximum file size of 20MB to be uploaded. If you are having issues with the size of your example files, please contact Carol McEwan on or call 0438 242 899 to make an alternate arrangement to send your file(s).

Download the full application pack and category questions

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Judging Criteria & Values

Below is a breakdown of each question, the criteria judges will be looking for and the value of each question.

Question Judging Criteria Value
  1. Why have you selected this career pathway?
  • The judges want to know why you have selected an Apprenticeship pathway to start your career. You may wish to highlight the advantages for you to start your career via the apprenticeship model
  • Other

15 / 100

  1. What aspects of your apprenticeship resulted in the greatest professional and personal growth and satisfaction?
  • The apprenticeship model is a unique form of learning, It’s a combination of on and off the job training. The judges are looking for examples of how this model worked for you.
  • Other

15 / 100

  1. How did you showcase excellence to your employers during your apprenticeship? Is there a particular project which provides evidence of this excellence?
  • As a result of your apprenticeship training you have learned many skills. The judges would like to know how you have applied those skills to achieve excellence.
  • An example of a project you completed would require you identifying the skills and processes you have learned as part of the apprenticeship.
  • Other

20 / 100

  1. What makes you an effective ambassador/ role model of your industry/ trade?
  • Don’t be shy tell the judges what you have achieved as a result of your apprenticeship so that others may see that an apprenticeship pathway works.
  • Other

10 / 100

  1. How would you promote the apprenticeship system to encourage others who are interested in entering your training pathway?
  • The judges would like you to think of what you might say to a group of school children for example, so at the end of your presentation they would be convinced that apprenticeship is for them
  • Other

20 / 100

  1. What are your future professional plans once you have completed your apprenticeship?

20 / 100

Download the full application pack and category questions

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Previous Year's Winner

Apprentice Of The Year – Manufacturing – Jake Denton

2018 Winner – Jake Denton

Jake was the outstanding winner of this category. His love of the trade began when he was still in school so it was a natural progression into the apprenticeship.

He is held in high esteem by his employer and his colleagues, who described him as ‘sober, considered, open to feedback and nuanced in his decision-making’.

He has shown a responsibility beyond his years in his commitment to his work, his understanding of the inter connectedness of other trades around him and his knowledge of and commitment to WH&S.

Jake has completed his qualification and also the certificate iv engineering all before the end date of his apprenticeship.

Jake will make a wonderful ambassador to his industry and a great mentor to other apprentices coming through the ranks. Our industry needs more tradesmen of the callabre of Jake Denton and will be safe in his hands.

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